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Taking Care of Your Dog

All dog owners want to keep their best friend healthy and happy. You probably know that big dogs have unique health issues due to their size, so there are some steps you should take and some things to look out for to insure good dog health.

One of the biggest problems that big dogs face is hip dysplasia. This is a pretty common occurrence, but there are ways to prevent it. Keeping your dog at a healthy weight is essential. Big dogs have shorter life spans overall, and a big factor for both hip dysplasia and death is being overweight. Do not overfeed your dog, and talk to your vet about the best type of food and diet for your dog. Avoid human food, and do not go overboard with treats.

Sometimes dog eat and drink way too fast. This causes painful bloat, and can even be dangerous. Some solutions to this problem is to get a slow feeder for your dog, and to monitor his after-meal water drinking. If he is drinking too fast, take the bowl away for a little while so that he doesn’t swallow too much air after his meal.
Another way to prevent hip dysplasia and to encourage overall dog health is exercise. Big dogs need room for exercise, so you will want to take him out for daily walks and runs. Playing fetch and frisby, swimming and other activities can help ensure that your dog stays healthy and fit.
Regular check ups are important for your dog. Your vet will check for hip dysplasia at each visit, and check weight and other vitals. These checkups can help prevent problems, and catch potential problems before they get out of hand.
Overall, the best ways to promote good dog health are diet, exercise and regular trips to the vet. Keep an eye on your dog’s weight, and report any problems or concerns to your vet as they come up. Doing these things will help your big dog lead a happy, healthy long life.

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