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How to Prepare for Your Big Dog Home For The First Time

When you are getting to welcome home a new dog, it pays to be prepared. This goes whether you are bringing home a puppy or a fully-grown dog. There are a number of things that you can do to help ensure that your new family member gets settled in smoothly. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
Decide ahead of time what areas will be accessible to your pup. Will he or she be allowed in your bed? On the couch? Where will you want him to sleep? How will you designate these areas. Here are some items you may want to consider having before you bring your dog home:

Best Dog Beds

  • A nice, best dog comfy bed.
  • A crate (if you plan on crate training)
  • A puppy gate, to limit access to forbidden areas of the house. A baby gate works just fine.

It’s a good idea to determine limits ahead of time, so there is no confusion. Having these rules in place right away will make the transition to life in your home much easier, and avoid bad habits from forming.

Choose a Veterinarian

If you don’t already have a family vet, it is a good idea to find one. Ask friends and family for recommendations. Knowing where your vet is located, hours of operation and services offered is a good way to prepare for your big dog. It is also a good idea to find out if they offer emergency services around the clock, and if not, where is the nearest vet that does.

Do You Have Babies or Small Children?

It is a good idea to prepare them for the arrival of your dog. Be prepared to baby-proof your dog and dog-proof your baby. They will be sharing toys if you aren’t careful. If you are getting an adult dog, ask the previous owner if the dog has been around children. If possible, arrange to have your child meet the dog to see if they hit it off.
Being prepared for your dog’s homecoming will help ease the transition for everybody. Some dogs feel at home right away, but some can be anxious for the first few days. Give them plenty of love and establish the rules and routines right away to help your new pet feel more secure and at ease.

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