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Crafts for Your Big Dog

If you enjoy DIY crafts and projects, there are a number of fun treats and useful things that you can craft for your dog. Many dog crafts out there are more suitable for smaller pets, but there are some fun big dog crafts.

Doggie Pool

The first project on the list is great for summertime. Most big dogs enjoy the water, but you can’t always get to the beach or lake with your pet. One fun idea is your dog’s own in-ground pool. Many pet owners purchase “kiddie” pools for their dogs, but the problem is that the dog inevitably starts dragging it around and chewing on it. One way to get around this is to dig out a hole big enough to set the pool in. Edge the pool with pavers or other flat, decorative stones and voila! Your pooch has his own in-ground pool to cool off in.

Tug-O-War Toy

Dogs love to play tug of war, and they tend to go through those types of toys fast. If you are like most people you have a good number of old t-shirts taking up space in your drawer, so why not put them to good use? Here is how to make a dog toy out of old t-shirts:

  • Grab your old t-shirts.
  • Cut them into long strips about 1 ½ in. wide.
  • The more strips you use, the thicker the toy will be. Use at least 12.
  • Gather one end and tie the strips in a knot.
  • Split strips into groups of three and braid them.
  • You will have three braided strips. Now, braid them together.
  • Tie the other end in a knot.

DIY Frozen Dog Treats

Big dogs love their treats, and frozen treats are great for a summertime cool-off. You can buy commercial frozen dog treats at your local store, but you can also make them yourself at home. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An ice cube tray, or an empty egg carton.
  • 32 oz. of plain yogurt.
  • A mashed banana.
  • 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.
  • 2 tablespoons of honey.

Mix together and spoon into ice cube trays. Freeze and there you go, homemade frozen dog treats!

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